What is Jutbah?

The Jutbah is the dissertation performed by the sheikh or the imam, before the Jumu'a prayer.

Before the Friday prayer at noon, so to explain more about the jutbah we must briefly develop the concept of Salat ul Yumu'a(صلاة الجمعة).

Said the Prophet of ALLAH (PyB): "The best day on which the sun rises is Friday. In him was created Adam, and introduced into paradise; and the day of Judgment will be Friday”. And he also said: “There is a special time in him when every servant of Allah, praying, asks for something and Allah grants it to him.".

Friday is a day of grace, and it was specially consecrated by Allah (SWT) for Muslims to pray a special prayer. This prayer is communal and in a mosque exclusively, unlike the other prayers.

The special element, and of great cultural importance and orientation is the pre-prayer speech on Friday the "Jutba"(الخطبة). At the moment the imam develops it, no matter should be discussed.

It is recommended to the believers to read the Qur'an and pray for the Prophet (PBUH) before the imam goes up to the pulpit, so that they become spiritually disposed to receive the jutba; and all conversation is forbidden during that time.

The imam should be expressed preferably in classical Arabic but in simple style, or in the language of the country or place. But the salutation and initial formulas should always be in Arabic. Among the rules of the jutba, the following are important: That the imam has the intention of pronouncing Friday's dissertation, that he does so clearly and audibly, and that it be developed immediately before the prayer.

How is it made?

The elements of the dissertation are, according to the Imam Shafi'i, the following:

Praise to God.

The inclusion of some verse of the Koran.

The blessing to the Prophet (PyB).

Pray for the believers.

The teaching, guidance and orientation.

The dissertation consists of two parts, and between them the imam sits briefly and then resumes it.

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